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Sanctioned Suicide

Sanctioned Suicide

Mar 17, 2018
I know that some of you may be scared and afraid of this place being taken offline, but as of right now, I can come out and confidently say that this will not happen.

We have contingency plans in the case that something is suspended or taken away from us, such as daily backups, alternative/mirror domains, and alternate providers. If Cloudflare dropped us, we could be back up in a matter of minutes. If our hosting provider dropped us, we could be back up in a matter of hours, and if our domain is suspended, we could switch to an alternative domain in a matter of minutes. We have been planning for the worst for years, and we are confident even if they coordinated all those takedowns at the same time (which is very unlikely), we could be back online within 24 hours. Knowing what I know today compared to 2 years ago, we are in a much better position today than ever before.

Groups like FixThe26 realistically can't do anything to this community or any of our members, legally or otherwise. If they had the power and support to take us down, we wouldn't be here today. They know that they can't take us down through legal means, so they have resort to bullying and harassing our members. One member, in particular, was harassed and bullied on Twitter to the point of tears and possibly killing themselves prematurely, which makes me very upset.

I do get where these grieving parents are coming from, and I imagine that losing your child to suicide is the worst feeling in the world, but taking down our community isn't going to prevent suicide. In fact, it might just make matters worse. As a community, you all have been supportive of other members and have helped many through the worst of times. Personally, I have not observed an instance where someone has encouraged someone to take their life. Even in Shawn's goodbye thread, there was no one encouraging her to take her own life, contrary to what the media and her mother says.

They have been trying to paint every single member here as a pedo, child trafficker, murderer, or sadist when that's clearly not the case. They'll continue to take us out of context, screenshot our posts, and try to frame what people say in the worst possible light regardless of what we say or do. Their goal isn't about finding the truth; it's about taking us down by any means necessary, including trying to get us to turn against each other.

As for Twitter, I made a Community Poll gauging the opinion of the community on us having a Twitter account, and I believe that debating with FixThe26 is not productive. Debating with those that will twist your opinion no matter what you say will never lead to anything good. Fighting fire with fire never ends well, and I do agree with much of the sentiment that was expressed in the poll and the thread. This is why I have cleaned our Twitter timeline and blocked FixThe26 along with their affiliates. I believe most of the sentiment against us keeping our account is related to us drawing unwanted attention that could get us to shut down, or that it's not productive and I still do agree with those points to an extent. I also believe that we should still maintain a social media presence for site updates and to interact with people but not with people like FixThe26 and their affiliates.

Interacting with these people have made many people's mental health worse, mines included. I was against having a Twitter presence at the start of this forum for many reasons, but the most important reason was that we didn't want to draw unwanted attention to this community. Unfortunately, this ended up happening due to the media being dishonest about this community and its members. We want to remain true to this community main purpose: To give people a place to vent, to talk freely about suicide and the issues surrounding it.

After speaking to a few other moderators, we believe it is best to keep and maintain the Twitter account following the guidance I set above.

We survived previous media onslaught almost completely unscathed, and we will survive this one too. Their endeavors will ultimately be fruitless and produce no results. There have been many people that have tried to take our website down by sending abuse complaints and even by illegal means (DDoS attacks), and they have failed in keeping us offline.

Our website will remain online, and we will continue to keep this community together, no matter what comes our way.
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Jun 12, 2018
I think that's a wise decision. I'm confident we will survive for many more years. They've been barking about legal consequences and the takedown of the website for the better of a year and nothing happened. At this point we can safely assume those are empty and desperate threats. We won't be intimitated.

I hope we can leave the events of the last few days behind us very soon and get back to "normal", whatever the hell that means. As I said previously, very similiar incidents happened back im 2019 and we survived it. And I'm sure stuff like that will happen in the future again - we can certainly expect more. This is inevitable to a certain extend due to the social stigma around suicide. It's just very important that we don't let these people divide us, regardless of all these blowouts. That's their goal and if we can prevent that from happening, there is nothing to be afraid of.


Apr 1, 2020
Mods and admin, I really appreciate your dedication and unwavering support.

I haven’t posted anything in 6 days or so.
This used to be my safe haven where I had friends and people who understood me.

I have been talked out of impulsive attempts and self-harm by many senior members here and with the extraordinary help of @mahakali88 who is the most genuine, giving and caring person I have met.

Knowing that my personal pain can be snapshotted and mocked on Twitter by these people who call themselves “parents” only makes me want to die more. I have lost my safe haven, the last bastion of safety and freedom where I could express my feelings. They wouldn’t do this to their children, but they’re doing it to me. I’m also someone’s child.

I don’t know why I’m writing this. I have a partner, family and some friends who, despite not being able to fully comprehend my struggles, do not deserve the risk of being doxxed. I cry every day in the bathroom because I feel violated and shamed.

So I have taken the decision to ctb in January. I will keep in touch with the people dear to me. Thank you for providing me with a support system that kept me functional for 9 months. I love you all :heart:

“Parents”, you are murdering other people’s children. But you do not care. You do not want to help anyone. The only word you know is ‘liability’ and the only thing you know is to hashtag Cloudfare. Because you only want that mula aka money.


dressed for the grave.
Aug 24, 2020
definitely the right decision RE the fixthe26 debates. still not 100% comfortable with the prospect of the twitter account but honestly this is much better & I can see why you'd want it for advocating the right to die. will be keeping an eye on it. good job mods


Jan 20, 2020
Thank you for staying strong through the attacks and bullying aimed at SS. A lot of members have expressed fear of losing the community, and how that would effect their mental health. It’s truly sad the outside world can’t see how much we all support one another. I’m very grateful and respect all that you do to maintain this space for us.
Deleted member 23586

Deleted member 23586

Hope ur final midnight feels like the hug you need
Nov 8, 2020
One member, in particular, was harassed and bullied on Twitter to the point of tears and possibly killing themselves prematurely, which makes me very upset.

This is part is very upsetting. Like this is so hypocritical to their "message". But it's also pretty on brand. They like the aesthetic of being "good" and "helping" people more than actually doing that. Just like so many others.

But I am glad that you all have come to this decision. Thanks to everyone involved.

Deleted member 1465

Jul 31, 2018
@Marquis, whilst I'm not completely comfortable with the site being on twitter, I can understand why others are and I respect that decision, given the compromise that has been made. You made an initial decision, had second thoughts after some reaction and canvassed the site users for their opinion. This place is not a democracy, but you were open to the consensus/poll's opinion and I can understand the compromise.


Nov 9, 2020
So I don't know if this is a stupid question... but let's just say none of those things work and SS becomes inaccessible for some time. What is the best way to get updates about this community like new address etc?