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Aug 18, 2020
I am now a longterm member of this forum. And there were some changes in the mentality of this forum after reports. For example the recovery sub-forum was added which I welcomed.

The NYT article explained that people on this forum are called legends when they successfully committed suicide. The death cult narrative.

I was angry about that. I once posted a thread about the "legends of this forum". There were some living legends mentioned in that thread. So it never was a condition you had to have killed yourself for being called a legend. A certain member was called for example legend because of his funny humor. I called him that. By the way we had some beef afterwards and he is now less active on this forum.

What do you think about the term "legends of this forum"? Is this immature? Is this appropriate or inappropriate due to the nature of this forum? Someone slightly alluded she might be consider me a legend for all my threads. Lol. I felt somewhat proud but I was not sure whether this interpretation was just wishful thinking. I think after all my recovery threads calling me a legend would disproove "the legends have to kill themselves" narrative. However still I am pretty convinced I will do it eventually.

But this thread is slightly too much self-absorbed, about myself and my fee-fees

One could argue probably that Stan was/is a legend. Due to the fact he was literally a secret and kind of unknown. There were myths about him he might be still alive. Maybe I have false memories but didn't it turn out that was alive and had a slight brain damage from partial? ( I am glad I never did the same with this intensity. It scares the shit out of me.)

There were some kind, helpful and genuinely good people in this forum who were very popular but had a very tragic life and no happy end. Some provided a lot to the community and were called because of that legends. This is at least my consideration. In general the term legend is barely mentioned anymore in this forum. Maybe people were scared about how the media reported about it. Or they had ethical concerns themselves. I am ambivalent. I am also scared about the framing and that some membes might have such an understanding. But itis rather harmless the way it is often used. I don't think it really glorfies suicide. It rather depends on the context. And due to the fact not everyone who commits suicide is called a legend it shows there is way more behind that term in my opinion.

Personally I am just comforted and happy when people compliment me for my threads and thoughtfulness. It boosts my mood and self-esteem a lot. Being called a legend for that is/would be pretty cool. Some internet fame for me who is prisoned in (existential) loneliness/alienation in my daily routines, barely interacting with people due ot anxiety and other triggers. I feel part of a community that welcomes me exactly for who I am and that I don't have to censor me.
I like trying to let people feel how it feels in my consciousness. It is a very dark and uncomfortable place and when I am posting about my life I feel less lonely in this hellhole.

What do you associate or feel hearing that term?


Aug 12, 2023
What I would associate with this term would be people like Stan, people who have contributed something significant. Or people who are notable for being funny, or kind, or just memorable in some particular way.
It definitely doesn’t need to be people who have ctb.
But, I think sometimes it might give some quieter members a feeling of being on the outside of a clique. Like they won’t ever be considered a ‘legend’ and are therefore less significant. I don’t like to imagine people feeling that way.


Grave with a view...
Jan 22, 2023
Hadn't come across that term before. Been here for a bit now, and I don't think I've seen anyone reference any "legends", much less calling people who died "legends". That would feel a bit dodgy and cult-ish, to be honest (sort of like that "Hall of Fame" thing that was suggested elsewhere), but it's not a thing I've seen here anyway, so it doesn't matter much.

If anything, I'd say the "legends" of this forum are some of the people I've come to notice over time, who distinguish themselves by their particularly kind demeanour, their humour, their insights, their humanity, their thought-provoking discussions. I'd definitely include you in that category—your threads about all sorts of subjects can be insightful, funny, interesting, but they're never boring.

Forever Sleep

Earned it we have...
May 4, 2022
I've never come across the term and never in reference to someone successfully CTB. I don't think it's something we exactly celebrate. We may feel relieved for them. We may even admire them for their bravery but yeah- calling them a legend is kind of cringy. I guess personally, I do have certain people here I suppose I look up to who managed to CTB under very difficult circumstances. Personally speaking- I admire their bravery and determination. There's no way I would expect other people to do the same though- in some weird group hero worship way. I think it's a personal reaction and best to stay that way. I hate the accusation that this place is a death cult.

As you've mentioned- Stan would be the only person I would think of as a legend here. Before my time but obviously- someone who had knowledge about a method and was willing to share it in an accessible way.

There are what I would call 'familiar faces' here. Regular contributors. That will vary person to person as to who and what interests them. I expect we all have our own favourites here. Like other people have mentioned though- this place is really just a revolving door. The majority of us will be here for a certain amount of time and then fade into obscurity when we leave- one way or another.
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Road to nowhere
Aug 12, 2022
We are all equals... You are all legends 😊


they say it’s darkest of all before the dawn
Sep 13, 2023
I didn’t know about the legends of this forum…if so, they were here before my time
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Apr 3, 2023
I’d kind of think of Legends as folk I hear about, but no one ever actually knew them, just by hearsay. That way they’re mythlike presences who may have never lived, but can never die.