Dec 7, 2020
The irony of needing to CTB to end the pain of life and not having the ability to go through with it with the tools on hand is finally very clear to me now that I have to go. To explain, it takes energy and motivation and relative health to take your own life. If you don't have the ability to buy things for this purpose, the strength, motivation or conviction to take your own life with what you have access to, you are very much stuck. Of course if you have nothing left in life to purchase tools with to CTB, to motivate yourself to do the hard thing and go through with it, you want to CTB more than the average person. For example if you have the money and the ability to prepare for SN, this means you are still able to be a functional human in a lot of ways and it seems that life would be more hopeful for you with these skills and resources. I don't know everyone's pain and why they choose the path they choose, just my perspective from where I sit now.


Fate plays chess with 2 queens
Aug 21, 2020
You are right in certain aspects but being a functional human being isn't all one needs to live. There are so many possibilities and mix of circumstances that set in doubt your point; like for example let's say someone get all of a sudden the news that he/she is chronically ill and up to that point was somewhat going through life and got some money saved. What about a college student who can't handle the pressure anymore and has some savings from a part-time job or parents help?. The possibilities are so immense that considering that if one is not crippled from an illness or broke then their reason to ctb is less valid or something is not worth time.