Nov 29, 2020
How do you guys approach the day after you contemplate/attempt suicide?

Out of curiosity, did coming so close to death cause you to reevaluate your life?

Even right after I contemplated/attempted in the past, I still feel as though the rest of my life went on as usual. There was no grand epiphany, or departure from the norm. That said, the day after I'd feel a little more emotional and on-edge.


Mar 8, 2020
my attempts have never been 'serious' enough to cause serious medical intervention just a lot of waiting around (and i mean a lot- we are talking like 6hrs) for the mental health team at the hospital to speak with me. on one occasion i had to come back the next day because there was no one to see me and we had been waiting for ages. anyway regarding your question- i didnt revaluate things i just felt very awkward and embarrassed partly because it had failed and partly because now my family were really upset, also all the waiting around made me feel such shame lol. my attempts do always make things different at home for a couple of weeks but i suppose thats because im lucky in some ways to live at home with my family and have such supportive people around me-for some i guess these kinds of attempts would not change too much out of the norm if they live alone etc.


In limbo
Jul 23, 2020
I’ve never attempted. But have been at that point where existence is pure hell a couple of times. I’ve felt at those times that I couldn’t take living anymore, not for another second. After that I’m broken. It takes weeks or months to feel slightly normal again. And I feel that I cannot approach life after that in the same way. I start searching for answers after a while. It’s increasingly hard to trust people. I absolutely re-evaluate my life, people, society, relationships. Everything is different.


Jul 19, 2020
I seem to recall the day(s) after for me being rather difficult. My first attempt was on the Saturday of a long weekend. I remember having to go to work on Tuesday and hated hearing *everyone* ask "So how was your long weekend?" or "What did you do for the long weekend?" What was I gonna say? "Not much, just tried to kill myself. How `bout you?" Having to engage with other people in such a time is an absolute pain. I wanted to be alone - binging Netflix or playing games or something with little mental effort.


Nov 11, 2020
Never officially attempted I’ve been close but that’s about it. I always get to scared of messing up, the possible pain, uncertainty of what’s after death, the pain I’ll cause my loved ones, and missing my loved ones.


Nov 25, 2019
I cried all night, like the whole night. That was the worst part. It felt like there was no floor to stand on - just falling forever with nothing to catch me. That it would feel that way forever. I was terrified to face my friends again the next day, but they hugged me and said it was ok. It was in a public place too - everyone could see me sobbing. A guy I barely knew bought me some M&Ms! I'll always remember that little act of kindness.