Sep 1, 2020
I'm sorry @AutoTap that it's like this for you ❤️ I feel the exact same way. I can barely make it through the day and to think of the future like this is absolutely horrifying and scary. It horrifies me just knowing I'm going to wake up tomorrow.


May 8, 2020
When I was a kid there were 2 possible futures: the Star Trek future, with flying cars and a permanent moon base and a colony on Mars; and the 1984 future, where everyone is watched 24/7, free speech is a thing of the past, and everyone's lost their goddamn minds. Of course we got the dystopian future - why would I have expected any different? Hell in a fucking handbasket...


Sep 19, 2020
Anyone else get scared when imagining the future? It absolutely horrifies me to think I might still be alive in 10 years.

Funny you say, I just live life day to day. If I'm still breathing in ten years. I'll look back and say how and the fuck did make this far. I'm my own worst enemy. I'm scared of my self. Little secret, I actually want to live. Just my suicidal anxiety bipolar depression doesn't want me to. Instead of counting down I count up. 658 days since the last attempt. :pfff::pfff: dont even know if that's good or bad. If only I can stop trying to kill myself. I might be able to start a relationship, get married, have children, and retire in the suburbs. That's the future I want, that's not the future I'll get. You know what they say, you cant always get what you want. Even when you dont want much. Like that crazy monster inside of me, inside my head, who wants me dead, to just go away.


Iustitia Mortuus
Jun 12, 2020
Ctb supplies and methods are my life insurance policy for the future, contradictory as that may seem. As long as I have my 'emergency exit kit', I can keep going as long as my basic needs are met, and don't have to worry about what I'll do if they're not. I know exactly what I'll do.

There's no hope for a better future within my lifetime. That's certain. I've given up trying to help. There's also no hope for a better me. I have incurable disability and mental illness. I've given up trying to treat it.

The only other concern is really about how much misery I'm willing to endure before enacting my emergency exit plan. The only things I can be sure the future has for me are suffering and death.


Got my ticket
Aug 18, 2020
I try not to. My life essentially stopped earlier this year and I have little contact with people irl which makes it easy to ignore.
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Miss the full ability to think
Apr 24, 2020
I'm having a hard time thinking about the future, but I can see myself going to university and from then on getting a bachelor, I'm not afraid of my future.


We fly and fly but never reach our destination.
Oct 7, 2020
I'm not exactly scared of future itself (even though the world problems are scary), I'm scared of my future. I don't think I'll ever be normal, live a normal life and be successful. I know I'm a failure and always have been, so thinking about the future makes me nervous.


Fallen Angel
Apr 9, 2019
I’m also terrified, my life has gotten even more worse for the past 10 years, I don’t want to be alive at 30 with even greater suffering, I’d rather end it while I can :'(


Jan 28, 2020
I’m not scared of the future, or of dying.
‘I have had 3 serious attempts since 2015.
‘I really have no future, ergo, no fear of it.
Fear only comes when you think you might lose something of value. My life has no value.

It’s liberating to a degree.
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existence is a nightmare
Aug 25, 2020
Whenever I think about my future I think about nothing lol.

Thinking about the future is just scary to be honest, I try to avoid it. :heart:


May 27, 2020
It is normal to feel that way. We do not truly know what will happen in the future, and humans fear the unknown or what they cannot understand.
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