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  • Carrie Goldberg, in a C&T Legislative Hearing for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, falsely claimed that this website was run by two people (our co-founders resigned about two years ago) and that this site 'singlehandedly increased child suicide' without proof or evidence. She also wants to remove Section 230 protection and make sites liable for what users post, which would destroy many small businesses.

    It is clear that she is lobbying to remove Section 230 so that lawyers (like herself) can sue site owners for hosting controversial content. Not only would this chill online free speech across the internet, but it would also lead to censorship of content like we have never seen before.

    If your representative is on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, I recommend you contact them to correct the record and to let them know not to support any legislation regarding Section 230 that would allow ambulance-chasing lawyers like Carrie to sue small businesses over users' content.



May 9, 2018
I've got a question...

There's something that has been on my mind for a while...

Why are most people sadistic and why do they enjoy inflicting harm on others or seeing them damaged?


Mar 20, 2018
I don't can't really explain people's behavior most of the time either, but something that affect the way we treat other people is the way we are treated. If people are treated badly, people will treat others badly. It is a vicious cycle...
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Don't shoot the messenger, give me the gun
Sep 25, 2018
Because really they're deeply unhappy but can't handle the responsibility of knowing it's them and making a change. All macho on the surface and cowards within. Of course it would help if they didn't think anyone was going to be impressed by their behaviour. That's the only reason people do a lot of things. Approval from others. I wouldn't want approval from them
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Broken Chimera

Broken Chimera

The abyss also gazes into you
May 27, 2019
They're probably hurting and want to cause others harm in retaliation. If they aren't psychopathic then usually it comes from a place of flustration.

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