May 4, 2018
You know what I mean, at one of these shows, they won't make you pass a bgc right? I have been to a psych ward in the past five years so I need to avoid this. Is it possible to bypass by purchasing online, without using the darkweb? If you have to use darkweb what do you recommend using to cover tracks, tor, vpn, and what else, I know there is something else you need from a past reddit post on the now defunct darkweb section. Do you have to provide a bgc if you use some mainstream website? Are there independent stores who ship without bgc? I am planning to, ingest a type of cyanide if I can get it, put on a weight vest if I can find one, paddle blow up raft into middle of body of water, sit on edge of raft with legs inside the raft, eat the projectile, aim for just below the base of the curve of my skull, hit stem, fall into body of water, get dragged to bottom by rock superglued to my pant leg. Critiques? Suggestions? What could I do to protest forced psychiatry? What can I have discoverers find that would illustrate I did it because of forced psychiatry? Anyone have experience on the darkweb?