Sep 21, 2019
What scenarios do you fantasize before falling asleep?

What works for me:

1. I win a lottery and what follows.
Tip: works better when I actually buy some lottery ticket and the draw is on the next day.

2. I'm in a random building in a crowd with all the girls I like, when terrorist/s appear and take people hostage. I heroically save everybody and all the girls I like fall in love with me haha.

3. I suddenly find out I'm a super talented football player, like the world has never seen before. The best clubs want to sign me, but I choose some average team and win the Champions League with them. My brilliant performance make all the girls I like fall in love with me (of course).

4. I'm an alien from another Universe with super-powers having fun on Earth.


Sep 12, 2020
If I can manage not to ruminate:

Dying. Especially being dismembered by a train. I imagine how the last seconds feel and sound like, how my body would look like etc.


Being a space probe flying around in space.
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low-wage worker
Oct 29, 2020
I don’t think I have any pre-sleep fantasies but what I do have are some positive recurring dream „themes“:

1. Being able to fly over my old hometown and seeing all the streets and people very clearly and seeing my grandma (who died recently) walking downtown to the shops.

2. Being at my old high school, specifically during a event which happend every December shortly before Christmas where every class sold self-made items and little things for charity and had a really good time. And me being amongst the maybe 5 people I liked back then.

3. Being some form of animal (cat/wolf) and living in the forest where I protect smaller animals from humans.


Jun 29, 2020
I imagine cuddling someone lol idk kinda sad