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Jun 27, 2018
im becca,i live in Australia,i was depressed because my father died when i was 8,and also because i was bullied in school,i wanted to kill myself,but people here helped me,so i want to say Thnx,so i made this room for pepole i like,if i forgot someone i'm very sry.
i like every1 who helped me here
i lied and said i was not a lesbian sry ,i was scared people would hate me and bully me
i like catlover she really helped me,
and then i made this message here
and no1 laughed at me,or bullied me
sometimes i think what people here are really like,i think catlover lives in a big building,and has a lot of cats maybe 20,and every day she has to feed all of them,and it takes a long time
i like all the people,that play word game with me,sometimes when they are really busy they still play :)
i like typx
i made a joke in the old folks home room :tongue:
and he didnt get angry,or shout at me,he made a joke aswell,and made me laugh
i like flowerwithdeadeyes,
i went to the last clothes room,and she was there,then i made a joke to hanger,and then she left the room,then i read her message,and i started to cry,it was a really nice message,but very sad,i thought she left the room because she was angry,with me,because i made a joke,
so i sent her a message,i thought she would be mad at me,but she was so kind and i stopped crying,and she made me happy again
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Jun 7, 2018
Good to hear of someone who is managing to make progress. I sincerely hope you are gonna make the best of your life and will not need to return that set of mind.
shattered dreams

shattered dreams

Jun 5, 2018
I was not in that thread, but I am glad you are now happier and have decided to go on with life. At 13, you have your whole life ahead of you. I hope it is a good life and you can find happiness.
Gray Wounds

Gray Wounds

A Phantasmagoria
Jun 27, 2018
I'm glad that you found happiness somehow, Becca. I enjoyed playing the word game Soon4me created with you. Live to tell the tale of our existence and the existence of this wonderful site too.


May 29, 2018
I´m glad everything went better for you. Wish you good luck with your girlfriend, I´m sure it´s the best when 2 woman love each other. I wish I could also be a lesbian woman.

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