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Aug 12, 2023
I am usually never in this form, I want to kill myself, so usually in the other one. Someone made a post there the otherday about which song youd listen to while you ctb and it got me thinking. I think the only time i sometimes truely hace no negative thoughts is when I blare my music through headphones in the dark. Not being able to listen to music again might be a massive factor in keeping my here. I just want to know if anyone relates, feel like that makes me sound kinda crazy

The fucking second I posted this and an Avicii song started playing, man this sucks I dunno what to do. Avicii changed music and committed suicide for those who don't know, it was fade into darkness that played, the vocal version
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i don’t know
Aug 7, 2023
Honestly.. I find music just as devoid of pleasure as anything else. It helps a little to focus on getting work done. But it seems like every song out there is just background noise to me. I no longer remember the tunes or find any catchy. It’s frustrating too bc I might try skipping to the next song hoping I’ll feel something but I still feel the same. It’s disappointing


they say it’s darkest of all before the dawn
Sep 13, 2023
Yeah honestly SKZ and Enhypen are the only thing keeping me alive rn…I want to see what new music they’ll release