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Dec 20, 2020
Do you think to break a thermomether and drink the Mercury inside?
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Bill the Cat
Oct 10, 2020
That’s not reliable. This would be more of a long term death than suicide, and it’s really unpleasant. Unfortunate since mercury looks super fun to play with.

Mercury is indeed super fun to play with. My father has a little old crockpot jug of the heavy stuff sealed with a cork, and when we were kids, he'd show us how to use it to shine pennies from their copper color to silver. As mercury is an old pharmaceutical, none of us had any idea how dangerous it could be. (When Louisa May Alcott was serving the Union as a nurse during the Civil War, she fell ill with typhoid pneumonia following grueling 12 hour overnight shifts in filthy conditions, and was zealously treated with mercury calomel. She survived but her health never recovered and she died at age 55, two days after her father died at age 88.)

Nobody in my family was harmed by playing with all that mercury, but knowing what I know now, I leave it alone.

Anyhow, because of those experiences, I know what mercury looks, smells and tastes like. Not surprisingly, that look, smell and taste is also present in large grey swordfish steaks, the same sort of seafood Hilary Swank got her protein from to build 25 pounds of muscle for Million Dollar Baby, resulting in enough mercury ingestion that she will suffer from neurological issues for the rest of her life.
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