May 16, 2018
So far my N isn't even close to arriving but I know there is that risk of getting a love letter from customs. I'm ordering my sodium nitrite and anti enemics beforehand in case my mom reads the note and decides that I can't be trusted anymore. If this happens should I just tell her:

that's crazy why'd I get this in the mail? I don't even know what pentobarbital is? The people sending must have the wrong address!
I'm afraid she'll look up pentobarbital and connect the dots.The last thing I want to do is admit it was for suicide. The scary thing is she's my legal guardian even though I'm 19 and she can send me to the ward against my will.


Apr 6, 2018
I'm not sure they even tell you it was pento they destroyed in the letter but incase they do you have it right. Deny, deny, deny, and hope for the best.
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