Oct 27, 2020
lost wish and will to live, I know here so many people r suffering with mental issues but I don't have any mental Nd physical issues

I'm from Indian southern state Nd I completed my pg. My father passed away when I'm 11 months old Nd I don't have siblings too, my mother left everything for me she raised me Nd she sacrifice everything for me.

I was in love with a guy for 8 years Nd both families are k with marriage too he is in UK so marriage got postponed because of his visa issues at last he got his visa by October all of a sudden he broke our relationship Nd in India marriage is a very big thing especially in my community I tried a lot to convince him but he didn't talk to me nd he blocked me in all social medias.

My mother was so upset with this issues Nd she committed suicide in November. Just because of this marriage issues she killed herself. I tried a lot to move on but this pain is killing me day by day it increases my wish to do ctb.

I don't know y he left me all of a sudden nd y I lost everything. Now I dint see any hope to live im broken into pieces. I want to die asap to stop everything.

I don't know y i shared my story here too,sorry for the grammatical mistakes if any.


Nov 4, 2019
I don't know your whole situation, so maybe this is a stupid question, but have you completely ruled out the possibility that you will find love again?
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