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May 16, 2023
I consider life as a virus that perpetuates itself just for the sake of it, for no good reason, for no good meaning behind it, I mean look at evolution what did it accomplish since billions of years other than creating animals that eat each other?
Or look at the humanity what the fuck are we accomplishing other than creating unnecessary harm, need machines by imposing life into them in a world that's always been fucking shitty and meaningless and then congratulating ourselves by how amazingly did we clean the mess made by us and repeating it over and over again? I'm not even talking about this motherfucking life cult, whenever you want to kill yourself they answer "oH no plEase dOn't iT gEtS bEtTer" or the complete opposite they treat you like shit and they make easy methods non available, not even talking about the fact that no single breeder manage to justify why the hell did they reproduce to begin with.
This retarded NPC species is pathetic, we brag about how great we are that we've created this "amazing" civilization and that we've gone to the moon and all but on the other side, we abuse each other we impose life on people (as if that's a right to begin with) and then we abuse them fuck up their psychology treat them like shit and they have miserable lives in this society that managed to be so "great" after over 300.000 of years of evolution as if they asked to be here to begin with.
All are we doing is creating a mess, then cleaning it up and treat suicidal people as "mentally ill", stigmatising (as if that's up to us to decide, who the fuck does define what's mentally ill or what's not to begin with) them as if they don't feel bad enough all while not being able to answer why all of these sufferings happen (parents abusing their children, people killing themselves horribly, economical and family problems, people starving to death or being tortured, animals eating each other) aside some religiousnut explanations or why people shouldn't kill themselves.
We all are sissyphus, we don't do anything else than satisfying our addiction.
Life should just stop man, in the end everything's gonna disappear anyway, which makes these sufferings even more for nothing.
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She wished that she never existed...
Sep 24, 2020
The existence of life is just a horrific mistake, it’s disgusting how this futile cycle of endless suffering exists and will continue to, only nothingness is acceptable to me as existence just causes harm. I really do despise existence, it’s certainly better to never exist in this hellish reality at all.


they say it’s darkest of all before the dawn
Sep 13, 2023
It literally is. I totally agree. I also consider life a cancer because it spreads inevitably and grows perpetually. Cancer is uncontrolled cell division and life is the embodiment of this. Humanity is a cancer that has taken over the planet and which is actively causing its destruction.

Capitalism is the same way, it also relies on infinite growth. Therefore capitalism is also a cancer. It’s cancerous and needs to be eradicated. Capitalism is causing worldwide needless suffering and hopefully people wake up and realize that it is the root of all suffering and that capitalism is evil.
I would like a vaccine.
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