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Sanctioned Suicide

Sanctioned Suicide

Mar 17, 2018
As many of you have been aware, this site has been blocked in Italy and Italy's judicial apparatus wants this site shut down.

I do send my condolences to the families involved in these deaths, and I do hope they can find peace.

However, we do not intend to shut this site down, as we have broken no laws in the US nor do we have a presence in Italy.

We believe in the right to free expression and the right to speak your mind, and that's not going to be changing.

Furthermore, there has been an influx of new users joining, many of which may be here just to troll. Please report those that break the rules and they will be dealt with swiftly.


not real.
Jun 18, 2021
this site has only been a help for me, i have never found a place with more understanding and empathy than this one.
seems like italian police has so much energy to spend on haunting this place down, maybe they should use it to make their country a better place so that people don't feel the need to come here
thank you ss community


May 8, 2019
if one pretends being on the side of freedom of speech and he/she isn't, the first thing he/she has to do is kill/delete/remove those that really are. Because if not, others will find out, that he/she are not what they pretend to be.
Sad, strange world.....Orwell, Huxley and so many others.....
It is very very impressive that ss, a site that is about suicide, about very hard and controversial, difficult things; that this site seems one of the last refuges for freedom of speech, the ideals of enlightenment. if those that were fathers and mothers of enlightenment-thinking had known......
what a world, what a society.
greetings from the western hemisphere: bastion of freedom, human rights and all the other stuff they put on their flags on which there was nothing but blood and sweat of others.......and mainly hipocrisy


Feb 24, 2020
I've been helped a lot through this site. It has saved me many times when I was on the verge of ctb.
At least SS is still accessible from Tor or a VPN
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Life is a Dream
Oct 1, 2020
Maybe creating secondary domains (not subdomains) will help, it is the way in which independent news sites and porn sites fight censorship in my country (Yes, porn sites are also censored in Venezuela).


Jun 26, 2020
The main thing about Sanctioned Suicide is not about suicide at all. It is about the aspect of freedom of the person to talk, listen and have a huge support group called the global family where the whole community of folks that are on here and who will join in the future. Like @Marquis said in his post, it is freedom and the ability to use that freedom as one sees fit to. The worst thing ever is when ones ability to be free in ones own thoughts and actions are limited as life, no pun intended, is too short, even if one lives to be 100, in the real scheme of time that is a blink of a eye. Walter