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Jun 18, 2024
I think it is definitely rational..when someone's suffering becomes too heavy a burden to bare.
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Jun 29, 2024
There are people who come on here to emote and vent and not seriously consider or intelligently talk of suicide, and then there are hopefully people here who have spent a long time considering and researching this subject and their place to it. The later are the rational situations in which to discuss this subject. The former would most likely be better served by simply having outlets and coping mechanisms for their emotions and issues. Those of us seriously considering suicide are beyond simply needing outlets. There are very severe foundational issues to our lives which despite doing everything we can remain either in a very bad place or are worsening. A few years ago I would have never considered suicide despite my life having a lot of serious problems. Now things are very different, it has been a long horrible road to get to this place from where I was previously. Things have gone very, very, unexplainably wrong.
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