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Aug 18, 2020
I once met a physics professor. I think he was the smartest guy I have ever met. So professors/scientists with high reputation in physics would be my answer.
Scientists in general probably have an high IQ. At least the ones who win prizes. There are probably also some scientists who are not that smart. I talked once to a psychologist with a PhD in college. She was not that bright. I rather think she came from an affluent family which gave her the impetus to get a career. She was really bad at her job.
Moreover one can say with so bad working conditions at colleges why should smart people really want to become scientists? In my country many scientists are treated like shit.

Other sectors. People who studied medicine. Though also here I have met some really incompetent psychiatrist. However maybe there is a huge difference between being bad at your job and being highly intelligent.

I could imagine people in consulting companies are extremely smart. McKingsey for example. You learn there how to steal from people legally. The same goes for bankers. I am not sure about politicians. Some seem to be quite smart like Obama or Merkel. But there are also counterexamples. Maybe I should add Obama/Merkel show that high intelligence does not necessarily mean to make the right decisions. The legacy of both was pretty mediocre.

Scientists with huge reputation in chemistry or math seem also to be at the top.

Maybe to add one category. Geniuses that end up unemployed because their high IQ and insular skills make them too difficult to integrate into a team. For example when soft skills are missing.

What is your guess?
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Hello people ❤️
Aug 28, 2022
I've known some incredibly clever software developers. Unbelievable skill. Baffles me how they do what they do


Existence is absolutely meaningless
Nov 12, 2022
I think that the smartest peope in the world are authors. Writing a book and getting it published is the hardest job.
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Jan 22, 2020
Some of the smartest people i even saw was when i was in programming industry. There, some people has a devilish ability to understand abstract concepts and implement it to algorithms and real code, and vice versa. they can elaborate the general intention of projects with relative low effort. And can do it fast. A deep knowledge and focus to the programming.

The last person is saw like this, she where the MVP of the company. She understands almost all the structure of different projects, can push projects to the succes, can fix almost everything. One person army.

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