May 1, 2018
Well, if you have a child it means you wanted it. Sure there is a prohibition against birthpills/abortion, but you still have a choice to pull out or control your cycle with a calendar. Plus once you're pregnant, you always have a choice to jump so that your stomach will land on concrete and you have your abortion ! you can also plunge a knife on your belly, you have a choice.

Every progressive will mock this position, saying it's no choice at all because altough it's technically possible to pullout/control the cycles with a calender/plunge a knife in your belly to abort, it's not a legitimate choice, it's a choice only in a remote way. We can't expect people to exert those kind of choices, failing to do so isn't indicative of "wanting to have a child", the prohibition is restricting the choices in such a way that we can say "There is almost no choice left at all, no control left all if people want to have a sexlife"

But it's exactly the situation we have in countries where guns are illegal : Every failsafe/painless method for suicide is illegal, and still people pretend if "someone want to kill himself, he can just do it, he have a choice" "if you're alive, it means you like being alive/are hesitant about dying, since you always have a choice to CTB", while we know for a fact that methods aren't interchangeable, some methods are extremely harder to execute compared the others, the same way legal abortion and plunging a knife in your belly aren't interchangeable, the same way going to the dentist to pull out your teeth and pulling them out manually aren't interchangeable. I'm really envious of people living in countries where gun are legal, and that's exactly why i'm pro-guns, taking away guns takes away one of the last remaining possibilities to exert a real choice in matter of the right to die.

(Sorry for my bad english, it's my third language )
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