Ragtime piano

Jul 2, 2020
still here. I can't say life is easy but it is a lot better than it was for me back in July. At that time I was suffering withdrawal symptoms having attempted to de-medicate. I had started new meds which (as they tend to do) were really f**ing up my brain chemistry. I eventually found some sort of equilibrium through small regular doses of lorazepam plus a lot of love and support from my partner, family and friends. No life isn't a bowl of cherries and I'm extremely anxious about how I'm going to make it through winter but for the moment I feel able to keep going.


Check in on your happy friend
Nov 10, 2020
Kudos to you for having pulled yourself through the tough times and trying your best everyday! Your best is good enough, and take care of yourself during these winter months.

It's heartwarming to see that you're getting support from people around you. You matter and you have the rights to demand for support when you're at your low points. Please exhaust the available resources of support when you feel like you need to! Send you hugs and hope things will continue to pick up for you! :heart:


Jun 26, 2020
Great to hear that you are doing good with the help of your partner, family and friends. SO NICE!!! Take great care of yourself and your global family is here thinking of you. Walter