It’s the end of the line, cowboy
Feb 2, 2020
I can understand why Kelli feels the way she does, but that’s not really any excuse for what she’s doing. Claiming a site only exists for telling suicidal people how to kill themselves then harassing said suicidal people probably isn’t the best plan of action for getting the site taken off the internet. You’re just going to make us CTB faster, if anything.
Most of the problems she has with the site are problems all sites have. ‘Oh this user broke the rules five hours ago, why haven’t they been banned yet?’ Because they broke the rules five hours ago, and the site is moderated by only a few people. It’s difficult for them to be everywhere at once. ‘This user posted a goodbye thread, why isn’t anyone yelling at them to not go?’ There isn’t much we can do. Most members are here have already been failed by the health care system. We aren’t super hackers who can track people down and send officers to their house. The most we can do is ask them if they’re sure it’s want they want to do, and wish them well. That’s not mentioning the whole part where we apparently tell children to kill themselves, despite the fact you have to be over 18 to join the site.
Kelli’s actions have been negatively effecting the site, too, but not really in a way that benefits her at all. There’s been a lot of people joining lately because they view this place as a suicide cult that’s going to tell them how to kill themselves. She got access to the sub forum presumably using her son’s old account, and is continuing to harass members there that said her actions made them closer to CTBing.
I just want her to leave us alone already. This is just wasting everyone’s time.


Apr 8, 2020
This site has helped me for once i am being listened too and not judged. I feel like belong here. I never used to belong.
My family dont listen and never have. It is like talking to brick wall. They dont get it and never will.

I have no older siblings to guide me through life.

Everyone here has become my friend and everyone here is so lovely.

I wanted to live but outside world didnt help me or care enough or understand at all.

I think i have way to save this site and more importantly why we shouldn't worry
I am going to do a detailed thread tomorrow about this.


Nothing lasts
Oct 31, 2020
Imagine if you didn't put an unhealthy amount of self worth on your children, she needs to come to terms with what happened, and regardless of this site people will seek out any means to an end if they want the suffering to stop.


Oct 19, 2020
Yes, let us force people to live longer when their selfish parents brought them into this world to begin with. Sure, they'll live in unbearable misery, but we don't care cause it makes us feel better to enforce our wills upon them. Not to mention the fact that suicidal people come from somewhere. I mean, ever wonder if the upbringing could play a part?

I'm so damn sick of these self righteous assholes. Who made you god?? What gives you the right to tell anyone else how to live? Or even to live at all! People have children for purely selfish reasons, then they want them to be whatever suits them. Guess what, we are all individuals who should possess the right to live and die however we want.

We don't want to be here anymore! We certainly aren't thankful for this curse you've bestowed upon us. Stop blaming everyone else for your personal problems. How the hell do we know you didn't do something to him yourself that made him want to die?

Grief is hard, but this is getting ridiculous and my empathy will only stretch so far.


Sep 28, 2020
Yeah they totally changed the dynamic on this site. I don’t even look at their tweets anymore from now on, just hurts to see my fellow family screen shots posted there. They have no idea what we go through...
When I ctb you can let killi know it was due to her harassment of this site. Yes I said Killi! That was a typo/fruedian slip but I'll let it stand.
Saw a screen shot of your post MG. So sorry they displayed your name like that. :aw:
When I ctb you can let killi know it was due to her harassment of this site. Yes I said Killi! That was a typo/fruedian slip but I'll let it stand.
Please don’t, they are not worth it MG. Not for them...
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Global Mod
Oct 12, 2020
I was kinda sympathetic because she lost a child, but now I'm like "who the fuck continues to troll a suicide support group, not like it's gonna bring back your daughter". Anyone that aligns with FThe26 and believe that trolling a suicide support group is going to help their cause is going to wake up one day disappointed.


Nov 7, 2020
My family are the main cause of my suicidal ideation. I assume this Kelli person is a concern troll?
Meditation guide

Meditation guide

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Jun 22, 2020
Kelli has some website where she spews hate.