Apr 29, 2020
I see time and time again the adage of how valuable each life is, how evil suicide and this forum both are, why everyone should "stop and talk" or "reach out for help because there are people who.will listen"

I understand those thoughts. I completely do. I think that anyone who is not a sociopath can understand those sentiments.

What I can't understand is why the blam.for suicide is never pointed directly at the absolutely pitiful state of mental health treatment. Everyone knows that survival instincts and a desire to be happy float to the surface for every person or the species of humans would have ceased.

I am betting every person wants to be happy, adjusted, stress free, loved, peaceful and pain free.

When faced with a completely intractable situation and the best treatment money can buy the only solution is the need to reframe the view and accept life as it is. But if that worked so magically would anyone ever be suffering from long-term sever depressive episodes. If treating panic attacks was simply a factor of mental visualization wouldnt we all be free of the veil of shaking anxiety and fear?

Obviously something isn't working and continues to not work. Last ditch, swoop in and offer hope, people don't get that it's not that moment that's the drive for suicidal feelings. It is facing the enormous pain year after year after year with hundreds of hours of treatment, mind numbing drugs, sleepless nights, thoughts of dread of every message or call from friends or family.

Cognitive behavior therapy is 80 years old! That's the best we have and it keeps going and going but it never addresses the actual problem. I want my intractable situation to change.


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May 22, 2020
Good question. And not the first time it's been asked round here (maybe even this week).

In the UK there is very little money going into it and there's not enough noise about it, I know that. But Covid will put mental health treatment back years.
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Maybe there is a hope!
Aug 14, 2020
There are the big pharmacies who sell their dangerous and useless drugs for insane money. They are so rich that they put money to studies who claim that they are good and useful. And they also sponsor the medical schools for psychiatry, which then teach the psychiatrist how these drugs are great and effective.

Everything is just about money nowadays and if you take these psych drugs everyday because its a dangerous and highly addictive shit, then your insurance company pays, as I noted above, insane amount of money to these big pharmas. And your psychiatrist earns money too by working in this industry, so they will gladly put you on psych drugs.

So this is the reason that they don't want you dead. They want to profit on you. If euthanasia was allowed everywhere, there would be lots of money missing, because I think that anybody who takes these drugs would rather die peacefully than living in this psychiatric hell.


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Apr 27, 2019
The mental health system works similar to a doctor striking the chest of someone to treat their coughing, while continuing to fill the room with noxious air. Until we make this society do a full turn and improve the situations and predicaments of those experiencing what we call “mental illness”, these services will be nothing more than an over used bandaid.


This Isn't Fine
Oct 2, 2020
Nearly lost my insurance because of complications with my family in another state. If I lost that, I would have also lost all forms of my 'professional help'.

Well what the hell would I have done after that? "Just talk to someone." :pfff:

Nothing. Because talking to therapists, and all the pills in the world doesn't work to begin with.
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Nov 11, 2020
You are so spot-on in your thoughts. Couldn't agree more. Someone who will "listen", drugs that do more harm than good and Cog. Behavior Therapy are not solutions for most of us. They are simply ideas to throw around so the mental health system can pretend they have a handle on things.


Lost in The Void
Nov 4, 2020
There are many reasons, and poor funding is one of them. Both for research and programs.
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Nov 27, 2020
I'd guess it's similar to why people want to pay few taxes but have nice infrastructure and lots of government assistance. They want the good things without any of the sacrifice or work entailed.
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