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I endured with this all my life. Depressed people is considered lazy people who don't want to understand the world. Surely things will change after all...

I'm tired of this comments. I hate with all my heart every time I'm encouraged to live or fight for more time just because the things can improve. I understand it coming from people in the street, they are just mindless but here this is happening too.

Persons who say x reason for wanting to die is dumb, you should not dying for making your parents happy or simply you are too young for dying.

No. This is wrong. And you more than nobody should understand there are things that are simply not worthy of fight, even if things improve in the future. It won't grant happiness, only less suffering but still there are too many things to be fixed.

You should understand others and encouraging somebody to live is harming. Encourage for commiting suicide isn't good neither, nobody must feel pressed to live nor die, we all should do it in the right moment and pressing others in both cases will have negative consequences.

So please, accept than there is no a wrong reason to wanting to die and stop trying to "improve" others life with useless tips.

I really wanted to say it.
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Jul 13, 2018
"Have you tried exercising?"
"Have you tried meditating?"
"Just go outside or something."
"Just don't be depressed."
"Here call this phone number. They want to help you (lol)."
"You need to get out more."
"Happiness is a choice."
"It gets better!"

I fucking love being told these things. -_-
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