Sep 12, 2020
I feel bad for my cats because they are the only living beings that honestly care and are able to comfort me when I'm feeling down.
In theory, I could call a friend, but besides being comforted by people is too weird for me (probably because of dp/dr, I don't know), I'd never could tell them the truth about my suicide ideation and don't want to disturb them.

When I watch my cats or play with them, a bittersweet feeling overwhelms me. My cats mean a lot to me, but I think I'm going to die before they do. I don't live alone, but I'm the only one who plays and cuddles with them. I've been told they sometimes howl and put toys in front of my door when I'm not at home.

I already feel sorry for them.


Jul 15, 2020
I feel the same way, I have a bunny and I don’t think I can actually ctb before he dies. I’ll see if I can hold it but I hope it won’t get too bad,he’s pretty young and rabbits can live pretty long. He’s super attached to me and he’s not very independent so if I died it would be bad. Plus I also don’t know who would take care of him instead of me because I don’t have anyone who could

Deleted member 20852

I also feel the same way :hug:
I'm staying for my dog until she passes no one would look after her or pay for all her medical treatments if I left.
I used to live with another dog as well back when I lived with a parent and she was super attached to me. I felt really sad when I when I moved out. She was sad too, I wish I could have taken her with me.


hey life! 🖕 🖕 right back at ya!
Jul 1, 2020
i love my girls (cats) so much. and they are just the cutest. i know what you mean by them helping you and missing you. they are never far away always watching over me and when i get home they always come running to the door. if for some reason my husband comes home without me they give him a filthy look then walk away lol