Apr 26, 2020
Probably none of them at this moment? That is just a guess though.


Aug 18, 2020
I did come for methods. I think I was looking for a top 10 list or something. I stayed here because I left a few small comments or responses or likes and then I left a post and didnt get yelled at. There is a lot going on here most of which I dont understand. I see good people here. People who are hurt lost and alone for whatever reason. Who do you talk to about this stuff? Nobody! There are few places you can get away with the talk you can here because we are on a different wavelength than other people. There are kids here who want to die! If that doesnt say something about our world and how absolutely FUCKED UP it is then those other people have a worse problem than us. Those assholes need to wake up not us. Work, vote, fight a war, pay a mortgage (has death in the word), be in debt with school, starving nations, corrupt leaders in every nation, poison food water music movies ideas ECT, no freedom of travel, no freedom to just be fed, angry scared people, genocide over and over, and for what? This is no place where decent people live. This is where bad people have fucked everything up and brainwashed everyone to think its all good. Fuck those people! If they cant wake up then fuck those people. Here, a few small kind words or a like can mean the world in some strangers life. That's worth more that most of the bullshit in this world. There's a lot of strange people here but I think love rules at the end of the day. Remember that its not just members here who will be gone tomorrow but so many out there feel they just didn't want to be here anymore. What the fuck reason do we as a people have to stay here for? Top answer seems to be pets. Let them look and do whatever they are doing. Take care of ourselves and try to make happiness happen here if anywhere. Love your friends at the end of thier time.


Jan 20, 2020
When I first came here I lurked for a couple weeks or so. Some people are just here to read, and others might have social anxiety and not feel ok talking. There is a lot of lurkers. They can’t all be pro lifers, and even when they do come they likely read and go. I doubt they spend all day here like we do.


"Just another fallen angel"
Oct 12, 2020
When the reddit was still up I lurked around there, never posted. Then when the reddit got shut down I felt like I had lost the sanctuary I felt welcome in, even if I didn't interact. Then once someone found the link to this place I made an account and never went back (but forgot my password long ago. So when I took a break and came back I had to make this account) not all lurkers are vicious. <3
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Mar 31, 2020
I believe that most are suicidal people looking for methods or checking out the forum before deciding to register. I know I lurked for quite a long time before I mustered the courage to register and begin posting.


Nov 28, 2020
I don't think there are many pro-lifers here. A lot of lurkers (me included) suffer from terrible social anxiety and anhedonia. I feel I don't have much to contribute and that's why I don't. I do spend a lot of time on here reading. This is my safe space and I find it comforting to read the posts.
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Nov 22, 2020
I lurked for a little bit before joining....though i had visited this place very briefly when looking for info many many months ago.

Oh and @Timetoctb i love your avvy lol.


Account Wipe.
Apr 30, 2020
They can go suck on a octopus’ tentacle if they so wish.
I don’t even care if they are suicidal or pro-life.

Do make it your life mission to solve the mystery.
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