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i feel nothing but everything
Sep 14, 2023
I have like two to three who are really close and 4 more who are less close but still nice to be around or to text.
I love them all and I'm glad that they are in my life. I really appreciate them and I'm very lucky that I know them and that they haven't left yet.

I know most of them since birth. We grew up in the same neighborhood so we always lived together. That's probably the biggest reason why they didn't leave me yet. Also, one of them is my cousin so he doesn't get rid of me either lol

But some of them are really extroverted and know EVERYONE. I don't even think they can count all their friends. But they also just have a few close ones.
One of my friends has "only" 3 friends. And she doesn't really talk much to any of them.
So I guess there is no "normal" amount?


Jun 4, 2023
Depends what you count. In person I have two close friends, two more friends beyond them, and a handful of friends of my family, a ton of acquaintances. Online I have a handful more friends, and a bunch of acquaintances.


Jul 12, 2023
0. I don't know how to make and maintain friendships