Sep 21, 2018
Have You Ever?
The rules of this game are simple. If you can do something that the previous post suggests, post it, with an explanation as necessary. Then you post another "have you ever...?" suggestion.

Q: Have you ever... gone to a theme park?
A&Q: Yes, I was at Disney World in 1989.
Have you ever... driven a Chevy pickup truck?

A&Q: Yes, I owned a Chevy pickup back in the 90s.
Have you ever... [something]?

All answers should be “yes or no” followed by the next question. Let's try to avoid game-killers, such as, "Have you ever walked on the Moon?" Keep it to normal things that everyday people might have done.

I’ll start. Have you ever been bungie jumping?


Nov 5, 2018
Does a scooter count? My adorable friend had a scooter we would ride all around when back when our sleepy Florida hometown was a tranquil little hollow instead of the next BFD.

I clung to her back like a koala, and we rode like the wind, young, free, and without obligation. The world was our oyster.

Have you ever explored an abandoned building?