Apr 23, 2020
Guide to partially suspended hanging:

Warning: Don't try this method unless you're totally sure that:
a) you want to kill yourself
b) that you won't be found for at least 30 minutes after you attempt.

This method is very lethal and quick (quick from your perspective
anyway, as you black out within seconds), but if you're found in time
and 'saved' you can end up with serious brain damage and/or be left a

Why partial suspension?
Because full suspension seems to me to be unnecessary and creates
difficulties. First of all you need to find a place which would hold
your entire weight, which isn't easy, and also you need a stronger
ligature, which isn't always easy to find either. There's nothing
wrong with full suspension, but it may not be a viable method for
everyone, especially if you're looking to use everyday materials from
around the home.

By partial suspension I mean that you hang yourself around the neck
(specifically the carotid artery), and push downwards while kneeling.
This should create enough downward pressure on the ligature to tighten
it and close the carotid artery and stop the blood flow to your brain.
All you need is 3 kilograms of pressure to do this, which isn't much
at all. Knot on the left cuts blood off to the heart; to the right, the brain.
I recommend the right side to cut off blood to the brain because you will
pass out quicker, and the end will come more peacefully and quickly.

Also, with full suspension your entire body weight is pressurizing
your neck, and this would probably be more than enough to not only cut
off the blood supply to your brain, but break your neck as well. I'm
not too sure if that's a good or a bad thing. I do know though, that
statistically people who've attempted via hanging have more often been
found kneeling and partially suspended than being fully suspended.

Where is the carotid artery?
Before you start you have to know this. If you place your hand around
the middle of your neck, around your Adam's apple, with one thumb on
one side and all fingers on the other, you should feel a strong pulse
and heartbeat. If you close your hand now fairly firmly, you'll
probably make yourself pass out. It might be a good idea to try this
to make sure you've got the right spot.

What type of ligature?
You need a ligature that's strong, but not too elastic. It doesn't
have to be very long, 1 meter or more would be plenty. I'd advise
against nylon rope, string, fishing wire, etc.
Neckties on the other hand, are perfect Smile .

It may also be a good idea to lubricate the ligature with soap. This
would help the noose tighten even quicker, especially if you're using
a rough ligature such as a rope. Lubricating it in this way will
increase the friction once you push your head down and tighten the
noose, and could make it a little more effective and faster.

What type of knot?
A slipknot. It's one of the most basic knots around, and you make it
with one end of your ligature. The other end should go around your
hanging place. . Knot on the left cuts blood off to the heart; to the right, the brain.

Many people have the misguided idea that a hangman's knot should be
used, but they're wrong. A hangman's knot is for a completely
different purpose, and won't work for this method.

Where should I hang?
You should hang from a support which will hold part of your weight.

You should test this by tying the loose end of your ligature around
the support several times, sticking your hand (NOT your head) in the
noose and pushing down with it. If the noose holds, you're fine. If
not, then you'll have to find another spot.

A great and easy place to hang is from the thick horizontal metal bar
which you find in wardrobes in most homes.

When should I do it?
When no one else will be in the same area, for at least 30 minutes.
You lose consciousness within seconds but your body doesn't completely
die for around 15-20 minutes. The extra 10-15 minutes is for
preparation time and just in case.


When you're completely ready, kneel down, stick your head in the
noose, position it around the carotid artery and push downwards with
your head.

I want to commit suicide, but I never seem to do so — why? Every night when I go to sleep I dream about ways to end my life. However, I have fears concerning it that I cannot seem to work my way through. You say it is a coward’s way out. Try doing it some time. It takes a lot of guts. I am not afraid to die. What am I afraid of?

1. That my attempt will partially succeed, leaving me a vegetable.

2. That my attempt will succeed but that something will go wrong and it will take me hours to die slowly and painfully.

3. That I will be discovered part way in my suicide and be saved from it to spend the rest of my life in an insane asylum.

4. That my wife will not recover from my death and either suicide herself or become mentally or emotionally unbalanced.


Still playing with the matrix (?) Who knows
Jul 5, 2020
Is possible to do it lying down in a bed? Can I do it when the door is locked but have other people on the side room?