Nov 23, 2020
Hi guys,

This is such a wonderful place, it helped me find the ressources for ctb.

I tried once 3 yrs ago and the method was crap and my parents interrupted me and i was send to psych ward, awful experience although the meds helped me to cope and feel "not me".

I wrote all my goodbyes and i think you guys deserve one too, even if i was just transient here.

My two bottles of SN are ready and i will drink it tonight.

Will surely post after i drink

Thanks for all everyone, until we meet again as they dramatically say !

Ragtime piano

Jul 2, 2020
sorry you've reached this point of hopelessness. I've been there too and still have some of the letters I prepared .. but somehow none of my attempts took me all the way. If this not your time please know that it will get better and that I and others are here to talk to you .