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Jul 1, 2020
So my husband and I were just sitting here playing some tiger woods gold game on the not sure I wasn't paying attention and that's not exactly the point of this so whatever, it was a golf game.

And he asked me "have you ever played golf before" "yeah..... I played on the wii and in real life once...." and then I kept talking, not that it mattered even if I didn't talk I still would have thought about it.

I went golfing on a local course with my "parents" and my "friend" the 3 of them left me behind and went up ahead laughing and being all family-like. I basically wasn't even there. They left me sitting on the course crying. I would have been about 7-9. It was before my brother was born but obviously after I met my friend. Point is, I was a child and they left me crying on the course.

I've always been excited to do family stuff and shit like that always happens. I'm always forgotten.

Remembering that..... I don't even know why I tried being her friend again after she fucked me over. I'm glad she's gone and I hope I never see her again. She never gave a shit about me.
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