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Just “hanging around”
Oct 10, 2022
Hi all

Just wanted your thought on to what you would get rid of before you go to the other side, I’m in the process of either donating my stuff and binning the stuff that is rubbish.

I’m left with a few cds that I’ve had since a kid and a few gifts that was given to me over the years. But my question is would you just completely throw everything away but some clothes and a phone/ wallet or would you leave stuff behind so maybe your family can maybe keep some possessions however I’d see this as bad as could make them feel worse. I mean if you have an clear canvas that has been erased then there is less traces of you ever being here in this life. Oh all accounts like Google and that will be erased.

Forever Sleep

Earned it we have...
May 4, 2022
There are a few things I would like to send to my friend for my God son. Mainly because my God mum left them to me and it feels like carrying on a tradition.

I really admire people who tidy everything before they go. I just have too much to face to be honest. I've just arranged a will where the solicitor's will get a house clearance company to clear the place and sell what they can- which will hopefully pay them for the service and the remainder will go into the estate.

Guess it really depends on who you are leaving behind. I do have many things from relatives who have passed but I don't have dependants myself- so there aren't really people for me who are likely to want stuff.


finger on the eject button
Oct 4, 2022
I'd like to leave my collection of books, because they represent what I valued and who I was. I'd like to be remembered that way, since I have to be remembered.
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Nov 11, 2022
I would probably erase my phone and my computers but I think going through all my stuff is just a way to procrastinate. Especially for me because I would probably find something like a knitting project I never finished for example, and then my brain immidiantly goes into survival mode saying something like, “oh knitting, do you remember knitting? You loved knitting. You should totally go on living and continue your hobby, blah blah blah” this pretty much applies to anything. I would personally just leave my stuff and let the people who made me ctb deal with it.
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