May 8, 2020
How much inefficient can be F compared to N?
N is imposible to get we all know that.
I have managed to obtain even more F since I first logged in. Phramaceutical/branded F in pills. Not from the street, therefore I know that this is of good quality because it's regulated stuff (pills for palliative care).

Still am baffled with the same issues:
1) Way of administration? I am very sensitive to drugs and I am super prone to throw up. In addition pills are designed to melt below the tongue. Unfortunately I will have to use a lot of pills to achieve a lethal dose. What can I do.
2) What can go wrong? How reliable is F for a peaceful CBT? What are the risks?
3) In addition I have other available compounds to combine, if it's a good idea(?). I have a lot of benzos and even Phenobarbital (the anti-epileptic barbiturate with the long half-life, not N).
4) Could I smash everything and shove them in my ass? (rectal administration)
5) Does anybody know whether expired drugs are still active and potent? My pheno has expired around a year ago I think.

I want a peaceful journey.

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Nov 6, 2020
You should read 'Guide to a Humane Self-Chosen Death'. It includes a detailed explanation of F and pheno.
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