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Aug 24, 2023
i’m thinking about going through all my things and giving away or throwing away most of the things i own, but i want to do this so i can start a new and give myself a fresh start. at the same time i may want to do this so i don’t give any family trouble if i ctb. how many of you have done this and how did it affect your thoughts and general mental well-being?


There's a black cloud always following me around
Apr 10, 2023
Giving away prized possessions is seen as a warning side of suicide, so it could be mistaken the wrong way. I think having a symbolic “fresh start” could be a nice positive psychological boost that you need, although keep in mind that feeling is temporary and you’ll have to keep the momentum rolling forward
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Sep 18, 2023
Please be careful. All I can suggest, if you are looking to get rid of your possession I.E. make big changes, is think on it and take it very slowly and see if it feels like the right thing. It needs to be your decision, I'd suggest. Sometimes having this stuff gives you a sense of who you are and of control over your life.

I would hate for you to regret doing this and end up in a worse place mentally. Think carefully.

I have been through this to an extreme level and I can’t say it has been a positive experience. I had support from friends to make a fresh start and move on and I brutally sold and de-cluttered. I sold my house of 26 years and a favourite car of 13 years, in order to move on. My mood was low at the time I did this. That was not a good state of mind to be in. It is never good to make big decisions when you are in a low, or elevated mood.

I moved back with my wife into her new house as a trial (we separated last year). I moved in with her a month ago. It’s not working. I regret selling the house we lived in for 26 years and everything has changed, it feels for the worse, much worse.

I’m now suicidal and have been very close to ending it. I’m still with my wife, but hate the house and wish I could go back. Wish everything was as it was. I can’t and it’s breaking me! What have I done. I know I need to accept this has happened. But I can’t.

In my case it might work out, but the pain I’ve suffered has been unbearable and in hindsight I’d 100% rather not have done it. But that’s life.

I can't understand why I did it. Maybe it is self-harm. Maybe it’s the bipolar. All I can do now is let it be as it is and try to process the loss. I want to die every day.

Sorry for sharing that.
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