Oct 5, 2019
Want to start a dialogue. I am fully pro choice on all matters including and especially suicide. I survived one major attempt last year. I recently discovered another major theory on the scene to the Christian heaven or total nothingness after death if anyone is interested.

Our consciousness is expanding at greater rates than before in the earth. due to our dire earth situation and human suffering, there is a need for assistance, other life forms have channeled themselves through sound and light to communicate with us critical information about the next life.

This has a direct relevance on my timing in this life. I am still integrating this, basically all of life has free will, the first fundamental aspect of life is that it has free will.

what comes after is social density complexes, 5th density humans who have devoted themselves to the service of others embedded into each other to become one giant complex that has all of the memories of each other as if they lived those lives. Other people will be in service to self working in their own journey elsewhere but everything leads us to still grow and evolve beyond. We are currently in 3D as spirit/body/mind complexes.

IMPORTaNT: some or many of us are “wanderers” from higher densities sent down for a mission to help these people raise their consciousness and learn to live but we have the veil of forgetfulness and have gotten so discouraged with our pureness in this earth from all the self serving forces that we have forgotten why we have chosen to be here?

This is serious. Please respond only those who have watched the video or are familiar with 7 density/chakras/star seed or RA/law of one concepts.
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