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Lil L

Lil L

New Member
May 7, 2018
Well... this is fucked. Can't order N to my country, since it is wellknown fact that people order narcotics from Mexico and the customs officers have said that Mexico and Switzerland are 'risk countries', so my package from Mexico will be at high risk of being X-ray'd and opened. I believe it because it is such a small country and I just imagine these hardworking custom officers cover all the bases. The penalty for the importation could be maximum 5 years improsonment and a fine. If I lived in some bigger country, I wouldn't be so hesitated to order, but I've read many cases where my fellow countrymen have been punished with improsonment for ordering weed. So delivery of some deadly liquer could send me to prison.://

If anyone from Europe could order me some N, I really just would hitchhike to that person. France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republiq, Slovakia – I could come anywhere. Maybe there is someone who could help me out with that, although I know it's unlikely. :( What do you guys think?

I don't know what to do, now hanging is my only option at the moment, I so very much would like to do it in my room but slipknot is an interesting thing, it's like when you put your rope around your neck, the rope will fall about 20 cm so my feet will touch the ground. This is how the slipknot works, the noose is moving, because it have to be tighten around the neck which is good thing but also you need a higher place to jump. I don't know how to describe it but I've tried many times and I can't figure it out. Also hanging is quite brutal in my opinion..
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