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Mar 18, 2018
I just think they try to get us between healthy and ded, that´s where pharma industries can earn most money. Helathy or dead people doesn´t need medicine...

Yes, I agree with that.
But it would not be strange that they also get rid of problematic people and that it is no longer profitable for them.
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Apr 7, 2018
If only it were so. Then all I'd have to do is think real hard about blowing up a government building and presto. Suicide with free overnight shipping. Hmpf, I wish. Hell, I probably wouldn't even have to do that much. If such a thing existed, I'm fairly certain I would've been quietly offed long ago simply for being another "unnecessary drain on society's resources". Alas, people are far dumber, uncoordinated & inept than you think (government, branches of security & corporations included). As far as I'm concerned, the whole realm of conspiracies are a fundamentalist belief system in and of themselves, since it always comes back to an erroneously misplaced faith that somebody, somewhere is "pulling the strings" for one absurdly nefarious purpose or another. In essence, it's the foolish idea that someone's just got to be in control of all this madness and has some sort of plan for us all (sound familiar?), regardless of how sinister it is. In reality, it's quite the opposite. Human beings and the institutions they create are stupid, shortsighted and mired in their own petty greed. Honestly, when you think about it, the end result of most conspiracies is to either, A. make an organization seem more imposing/omnipresent than it really is, or B. to discredit any legitimate grievances against said organization by making whoever it is lodging those grievances seem like a total nutter by tarring them with the brush of those very same harebrained conspiracies. The dopey pigs in power literally can't lose. Having said that, the only "real conspiracy" that's worth a damn (if you can even call it that, given how blatantly obvious it is), is the corporate capture of damn near everything on this planet due entirely to the naturally destructive course of capitalism itself. Imagine that, eh? Rich people wanting more money for themselves and less for everybody else. So much so, that they're assuring the death of the one thing that sustains them (a stable, healthy society). Like a cancer mindlessly killing its host, which inevitably leads to its own death as well. And you're going to tell me that these dribbling retards "dun fakred ta moon landing!", or some such other nonsense? Please. You give people far too much credit. MKUltra had more in common with Nazi Germany's Auschwitz or Japan's infamous Unit 731 than anything else. Cruel, heartless monsters were allowed to conduct whatever twisted, useless experiments they wished just because they could. Their "results" were an afterthought, since human life is cheaper than dirt to a fascist dictatorship. The United States government, just as they do today, tortured & continue to torture many innocent people for zero gain. Just like all fascist governments before it. Think of it as a sick little brat stomping on ants to prove how powerful they think it is they are.

The real truth, is that no one's in control. No one knows what they're doing. No one has a plan, aside from hiding in a hole in the ground in case things get really bad. In the end, the only Machiavellian scheme being perpetrated on this planet is the one coming from the DNA molecule itself.

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May 4, 2018
I think they hypnotize people, control them by splitting their personality, and by frequencies, but I would never act like that is a fact, or expect anyone to take that seriously. Most people are to brainwashed to even consider that, so bringing it up will cause them to want to reject you altogether. Gotta know your audience and your audience is mostly brainwashed. Sure talking to a spiratual person who does dmt will lead to more intelligent conversation because they don't know and will want to leave the possibility on the table but most hate people who question the parameters they live in. Laugh on the inside at those who a negative and closed minded, but don't expect the sheep to change. Would be stupid to expect more of them.


Apr 24, 2018
If they could i think they would zero expenses on police and health care unemployment ... just jack up the tax and give them self higher pay.......


Jan 12, 2022
Mind control? No. It would be happening everywhere. Through torture, conditioning and coercion? Yes. You saw Jason Bourne, right?

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