May 1, 2018
Having to go the bathroom every 40min the moment you have one drink is one of the most hellish ailments anyone can have.

My stupid parents instead of reconigzing the shitty genes they passed on me say "it's because you drink redbull" and when i stop drinking redbull for 5 days they'd say "well it takes time", lol that isn't how biology work.

I thought i have diabetes at first, took the test and no, i don't even have diabetes.

it's truly hell, you can't even do a lot of the coping activies that other suicidal people take for guaranteed like : being able to read peacefully (movies aren't a problem, but books because they take some concentration it's really shitty to interrupt every half an hour), going out is also not a problem (i can manage everytime an activity doesn't require concentration), but anything that requires concentration like : reading/meditation/writing/working and i have to go every fucking 40minutes.

It's really hell.