Nov 24, 2020
I have a neighbor who likes to listen to loud blaring music. I've tried to sit down and talk to him, but despite him agreeing with my plea, little has changed. Sometimes he does turn the volume down, but most of the time the noise is still very loud.

Here's where my problem starts. When the music is not very loud, I tend to sharpen my hearing so I'll notice it even though I'm fully aware it'll only worsen my anxiety. 'Normal' people will probably feel relieved and go on with whatever they're doing, but I keep getting distracted and wonder when it'll finally get louder.

I've been trying to battle it for some time, but so far nothing succeeds. And I somehow know it's not going to stop. One more reason to ctb I guess. Sure it's not the primary one, but it looks like ctb is the only way out of this noisy hell.

Does anyone else ever have the same problem? Currently suffering from it perhaps?


Mar 22, 2020
I have lots of noisy neighbors so I know what you mean. I hate it!
I mean, I love listening to music but...is it necessary to play it at its max volume?

Certainly, one more reason to CTB lol

Deleted member 19276

Jun 28, 2020
I had this college girl next door, she would have parties there every Friday night and yell with her friends...
Yet, here I am! Stuck at home with nothing to do than sorting out my negative thoughts one by one, starting at the wall and being alone.
I don't judge her by any means, but I bet she had no clue what loser she stayed next to in the apartment over.