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Dec 4, 2020
ive tried nine times. obviously ive failed. here I am just moved to a new state in a new house with old friends and a part of me still cant seem to shake this overbearing feeling of despair. im complete destrustion. Maybe i dont want to 'want to die" but i just do. this method seems like its quick and painless with minimum clean up. everyone says life gets better, but here i am at 26 and i still feel like nobody. whats a med school degree if you dont want it? what a beautiful home if you dont have a desire to live?
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To cheer upon death: to see life as more beautiful
Nov 3, 2020

Welcome. I was thinking about a similar thought recently. Literally that thing you said about the house. Accomplishments and material wealth won’t matter. I’ll always be a low-life to myself (and, as a consequence, to the world, and vice versa). I cannot have what I want. There is no fixing that.

Having said that, good luck. I hope someone or something may spark your interest in life again. Or else, that you may make peace with yourself and follow your will.


My time is coming.
May 17, 2019
One of the last things I had to deal with before I lost my job was a 16 year old girl who did a swan dive off the top deck of a parking garage. She survived but her life is ruined. She's paralyzed. She was the daughter of a doctor. She drove a 2020 Land Rover. She already had a future lined up for her following up in her father's footsteps. But while it might have appeared like a fairytale life, she was in hell, and took action to end it.

Everyone's path is unique, and nobody can judge another's suffering and sorrow.