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Suicide: permanent solution to permanent problems
Feb 4, 2024
Psychiatrist, psychologists and mental health doctors/workers are murders. Purposefully exploiting the vulnerable to sell their crude drugs. This industry has a lot of blood on its hands, and has my blood on its hands too.

My dream is one day for a group of hackers to completely destroy the infrastructure of these corrupt drug companies for good, permanently disabling them like how they've destroyed the lives and futures of many other people including myself. That would be heaven.

By prescribing mind rotting, brain disabling and mind numbing medications to adolescents and children, you steal their futures and destroy them. Consider my act to raise awareness of these drugs to other ignorant parents. This is also my dream. If nobody takes these drugs, the business ultimately collapses.

Consider my suicide as setting an example, a passive protest against doctors/psychiatrists wrongly giving psych drugs without informing them of the real consequences and hiding that. taking advantage of a person's situation to shove their meds down peoples' throats is fundamentally corrupt. No patient is ever given a full picture of what these drugs do to people and it's a damn shame. The real effects of these drugs are covered up in euphemisms that don't make things seem as bad as it is when it is painfully bad.

If these people don't stop, many more children and adolescents will continue to commit suicide because that's the natural consequence of wrongly prescribing this drug.

Psychiatrists, mental health workers, therapists and psychologists are very manipulative people. I warn everyone to be careful. They think they have good intentions and that they know everything but they fundamentally don't. Always question their authority and information and do your own research into cases involving SSRIs. The most heart wrenching case is the one of the German pilot who crashed a plane with several people inside purposefully because of the manic state SSRIs induced.

Out of character behaviour is the norm with these drugs, all character building you've done in your life is completely thrown away if you take these drugs for long enough. The amount of school shootings, murders, crimes and rampages linked to this drug is insane. You can't deny its role in crime. It turns bright, genuine and kind people into unrecognisable monsters.

Parents should never resort to drugging their children. EVER. Don't pull that 'because I care about them' card. If you really cared about them, you would've researched and you would've known what these drugs can actually do to people and you'd realise you wouldn't want to put your children through that danger.

All mothers who took SSRIs during pregnancy didn't care about the effects it would have on the children. These people baffle me.

Never be honest with these people, they're demons who feel superior to the people they're dealing with and they see patients as beneath them. They'll abuse their power whenever they can. It's all a power game, an ego trip for them.

It's good to always test the waters with these people if you do want to "gain trust" which I advise against. These people will never be honest with you nor will they tell you the truth but rather they'd want to drug you. So why be honest with them? Play their little mind game and beat them at it.

To the young people, never let yourself be seen as vulnerable because that's the first step to things going downhill into a ditch you won't be able to crawl out from if you're not careful. Don't do any stupid shit and if you do plan to do suicide, make it foolproof and don't make these charlatans drug you and say that 'you're not normal you have x y z therefore we will prescribe you A b c and you MUST take them'

There's something fundamentally demonic about SSRIs. The synthetic emotions eventually wear off and leaves the patient feeling empty, apathetic and in a state of perpetual numbness making them dependent on the drug and disrupting their natural production of serotonin.

The more these money hungry, power hungry psychopaths sell these drugs, the more lives that are lost as a result of that. more bright futures get completely blown out like a candle.

Consider my suicide as raising awareness for those affected by SSRIs and the eventual consequence of those children and teenagers committing suicide.

Prevent the damage being done by never giving SSRIs as a first option to children or adolescents but rather trying other means (dieting, fasting etc.)

It's my wish for the family to spread awareness in some way of the consequences of this drug.

My symptoms

These meds made me a lifeless and asexual.
I could list everything they destroyed.
  • my mind and capacity for deep thinking
  • My sexuality (I have none) (complete loss of sexuality)
  • My emotions (completely numbed me to life)
  • Disassociation and depersonalisation
  • Akathisia. Constant torturous restlessness
  • My memories. Completely erased most of it
  • My intellectual capacity
  • My empathy
  • My sense of self
  • My imagination
  • My enjoyment for life
  • Can't feel pleasure. Ahedonia
  • Complete elimination of motivation and drive (too much serotonin down regulates dopamine. SSRIs are a worse version of weed)
  • Weight gain that's almost irreversible
  • Complete destruction of sexual drive
  • My sense for creativity and motivation
  • Lost my lust for life
  • My sense of caring for others.
  • Complete apathy.
  • Eye sight problems
  • Homocidal violent thoughts
  • Apathetic, numb and uncaring towards people.
  • Dementia like short term memory.
  • Psychotic like states where I do things without awareness of what I'm doing.
  • A feeling of being possessed by something else because the drug opened up the pineal gland.

Taking these pills was a different kind of suicide. I've got to go all the way in now.

They've mentally castrated me. I won't live like this.




This is a criminal industry powered by greed for money. Question everything these clowns and charlatans say. Question their obnoxious job titles 'expert' and their third rate, second hand knowledge.

The blood of my death lies in the hands of 'friends' who falsely accused and spread disgusting rumours of me because I distanced myself when they clowned me in my worst moments and made fun of me for being 'autistic', the doctors/psychiatrists who goaded and manipulated me into taking SSRIs, my own mother for trying to convince me as well and myself for not seeing through the manipulation.

No matter what, people will take advantage of you in your worst moments, so watch out.

These are lobotomy meds that rape and destroy your very soul. So protect yourself out there. Never ever take psych meds unless it's a last resort

If you have depression or anxiety, NEVER TALK ABOUT IT TO ANYONE irl especially your family and deal with it yourself which I'm sure you can do. When you make the first mistake of telling someone, they'll try to pave the path to make you take this rancid crude drug. Tell people as a last resort when you REALLY can't take it anymore.

As ironic as it sounds, I ACTUALLY MISS being depressed and I actually miss being able to feel things. It's awfully funny how an 'anti depressant' made me feel like that.

It's just been a purgatorial numbness that hasn't gone for nearly a year. I would rather be depressed and sad.

Ps. To the transgender folk in this community, I apologise for my ignorant comments in the chat room. It was really low on my part to entertain my myopic ignorant views especially on a forum like this where everybody is at a low point. I hope we can make amends. We're all on the same boat at the end of the day. We're all here because we suffered in one form or another and I'm sorry I ruined your safe space.
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Mar 7, 2024
I am sorry you have gone through so much pain and agony my friend. I wish you peace <3
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