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May 12, 2018
Just a heads up, if you have a history of self harm or rape, you should stay clear from it. A couple of scenes from the show are extremely insensitive to certain issues. Watching it triggered something in me and I started harming myself again. I was a year clean. Maybe it's just me but it's a shitty show. The whole plot is bs


Apr 1, 2018
Mainstream TV series rarely have the practical means and the guts to get to the real core of the subject, exploring all the possible variables without being afraid of the backlash and the controversy from a worldwide audience. A random unknown documentary about how lonely people in Japan get through the day has more chance to depict depression and suicide in a truthful way


Mar 7, 2019
I loved it. I read the book years ago, so I was excited for the show.
If you don't like it, don't watch it. Also, if you're easily triggered.

I would recommend at least trying to get to Clay's tape, that was the best episode in season 1. I bawled my eyes out when he did.

As far as "romanticizing suicide", negative opinions are everywhere. There's no "perfect" way to raise awareness without disappointing anyone.
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Oct 23, 2018
I found it to be absolute emotionally exploitative garbage flaunting itself as some sort of meaningful exploration of suicide. It is hours I wish I could get back. They had such an opportunity to explore mental illness and the pressures of that age range. Instead, they glorify suicide as an effective means towards vindication and convey this idea you get to live on and hear the apologies and see justice done to all who wronged you. That is a fucking terrible message especially as I know what my own suicidal fantasies were like at that age. It just smacks of a bad revenge fantasy blended with a high school drama that in of itself is a convoluted mess with poor character arcs. Loaded with shock value at the expense of the viewer. Veneered with the pretence of giving a damn to make it seem more legitimate, all in the interest of greenbacks to the extent of ignoring professional advice because sensation sells I guess... That and no meaningful mention of avenues open to rape victims. Utterly despicable TV.


Dec 4, 2018
What are your thoughts, is it utter garbage or is it an alright watch?

Well like I always suggest, read the book first. I read the book when I was a teenager (it came out in 2007) and I'm almost 30 so lol. A lot of people don't realize this was a book first so they think it was a series made to shock others or be in trend with the mentally ill. It's been around for a while.

Anyway, the book is better than the series. Lot of silly inaccuracies like usual. There are a lot of trigger issues so if you've ever been raped, bullied, neglected, peer pressured that lead wrong, attempted suicide by wrist cutting but survived - just watch with caution. You might relive some memories.

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