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Jun 16, 2018
Say I find a bridge in a remote area, it doesn't have to be a tall one. Tie one end of the rope to it and the other end to my neck. Make sure the rope is long enough so I can gain sufficient speed. The just let myself down the bridge as vertically as possible (not jumping, because that might cause some swinging with unpredictable results). Just slide easily so I can cause a straight pull down force to the rope. Best case: decapitation and quick death. Worse case: classic hanging.
Does anyone see any downside?
Anyone in Europe want to do this together?


Jun 10, 2018
Yes, make sure the rope, being of as low elasticity as possible, and the knots can handle the kinetic energy. Also make sure no one finds you for at least 20–30 minutes in the case you don't achieve decapitation. I can't think of this being anything other than fail-safe.