Dec 8, 2019
I was actually scared to wake up this morning tbh.

Bc... the shame, suicidality etc is kicking my ass. Today? Woke up feeling... ok...

Physically? Not too bad... I can tell it's gonna be a bit of a fatigued day but I just took my first dose of ADHD meds so shall see if it's fatigue or just sleep inertia...

Very suspicious of the ok but maybe the horrible nights and shitty feeling days are leading into something better?

Im starting to feel disingenuous when I end night saying I'm barly holding on... just to make it to the next day. But here I am surviving.

I'm still feeling shame over feeling my shame but... I am working on it and I'm tryna share it appropriately and help to get rid of the shame of the shame.

Yeee today... my plan is to go to a peer support group.

Then do some personal hobby stuff: paint my nails or physical painting or knitting or play guitar and/or sing.

Then in the evening I'm going to co-facilitate a ADHD peer support group.

And yee thats all thats planned today.

How about y'all watcha up to/got planned?


✨Invaild Pharmacy Student✨
May 7, 2023
Nice to see you are doing a little better from your earlier posts and congrats on going to your support group and I hope it helps.
Since I am in the EU the whole day is almost over, had biology lab today, now to go to a friend's party trying not to have another suicidal breakdown like the last time.
Hope that your day continues to be bearable :)


May 14, 2023
It sounds like maybe there's starting to be some hope for you, and maybe that's scary to contemplate. I will keep you in my thoughts and wish you an okay day.