Nov 22, 2020
Looking for alternatives to Meto and found this in my medicine cabinet: Sandoz Rabeprazole

I know some info about Tecta/Pantoprazole but how does this compare? I know from PPH it says PPIs may not make much of a difference at all, but the medicine description does say "it works by slowing or preventing the production of acid in the stomach."

Looking over some of the bad SN experiences in the forums I noticed someone mention something about stomach acid interacting with other drugs taken before SN.
Perhaps some of the painful SN experiences may have been due to the mix of stomach acid with different medicines (eg advil). As this would reduce it, would this be good to take to ensure it will be less painful?


Nov 9, 2020
You're not taking AE to lesser the pain, there's probably not much of it as you become unconscious before feeling it. The purpose of AE is to keep SN down a bit longer, so that necessary amount is absorbed before you throw up.