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Aug 18, 2020
I think there are clearly differences between them. I read more and more about Tate. A long time ago I searched help in Jordan Peterson's videos. I heavily disagree with his political stances though. Moreover I have to say his development is very pathetic. He became a shit poster on Twitter and sucks off Elon Musk regularly only because this dude lets him spread his bullshit political takes. Peterson now is really an embarrassment all his self-help advices seemingly don't work on himself. Would someone who keeps his house in order become a drug addict?

I did not watch a lot of Tate videos but the ones I saw are enough to call him a complete douchebag. I think his popularity stems from the fact that many young men are insecure. Many young men do not know what the world demands from them. There are contradicting messages. Be soft but not whiny, show feelings but not too much, have a six-pack but at the same time be educated and not superficial etc. I think many men are puzzled by that. And Andrew Tate delivers simple answers. He creates a black-white world. He revives the good old times when men dominated the society, where there was a clear hierarchy and men ruled over the world completely. It is obvious how shallow such a world view is. There is a lack of nuances. It is a world heavily influenced by the desire of the individual. "I get what I want and if people don't want to give it to me I take it from them." Honestly this fits better than I had it in mind because it captures Tate's stance on women and sexuality. I think he plays down rape and blames (partly?) the victim for it which is completely disgusting. He acts like he could own the body of other women. There are videos where he stages the absolute domination over women. I cannot say whether all allegations are true against him. But I think he would deserve Romanian prison solely due to the fact how much poison and toxicity he spreads. He propagades an indifference or even attacks against women rights, awareness of mental illness and the LGBTQI+ movement. There is probably way more damage he causes but I don't want to waste my time reading even more about this despicable man with his huge ego.

I think Tate scams young men with his online courses. I think he even admitted that they are bullshit. He pays women he seemingly hires (maybe exploits?) to exchange text messages with young desperate men. I think Tate's popularity stems from the fact that he breaks societal norms for example by insulting mentally ill people. Playing down their pain. In a society that values education and more and more awareness for things like minority rights or mental health he offers an alternative approach. It is clear every movement has a countermovement. Though it is a very fine line. We have things like the internet death penalty. If you say too extreme things they ban you from the most popular platforms. I am not sure whether he was banned on certain platforms. I think yes. Though his young easily manipulable audience fulfils its role by uploading short videos of his most provoking takes. This helps him a lot to build his audience. I think clickbating is another part of it. Appealing to the alleged truth noone dares to speak is a pretty good strategy to get attention. And this guy seems to be pretty needy for attention.

Tate is a good example how low people can sink just because they crave for attention, money, sex and fame. I am not sure whether he believes all the shit he propagades. Of course he knows he is doing a ponzi scheme where he is the one who profits the most. He is rotten through the core and benefits from the hatred he spreads. I think many people see through his scheme but still watch him. He is like a car crash where it is hard to look away from. It is like a game which new lines are crossed. In our modern internet era attention is a very important currency and sometimes it does not matter whether the people love or hate someone. In my past threads about Tate many people here expressed their disdain towards Tate. That is very understandable because he usually shits on vulnerable or mentally ill people.

So now I am in a predicament. The thread is already way too long and I barely elaborated on Peterson. I could change the title and save the Peterson idea for a different thread. But instead I try to point out some differences between Tate and Peterson. Peterson is clearly more political. I think he also wants to adress the insecurity of young men. I think concerning self-help advices he is a better choice than Tate. Still I would not recomment it. He emphasizes way too much the ability of the individual as a medicine for societal illnesses. As Slavoj Zizek pointed it out. What if the system is flawed? Would Peterson's advices help a citizen in North Korea? He completely neglects the system and the society which can undermine the individual's power to recover. I think it is a reason why many people here (me included) want/need to commit suicide. We are too fucked beyond repair and Peterson with his libertarianism cannot offer us any help. Moreover it was a huge mistake of mine to take Peterson serious on any issues except psychology. He seems to shit his opinion out on everything he thinks about. He is like an equivalent to my daily posts though the huge difference is the people are dumb enough to give him money for the half-knowledge that he spreads.

Yeah maybe it would have been better to split these two men in two threads. The critic of them has a different emphasis.

What do you think about my analysis?
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Feb 21, 2022
Tate and his ilk profit off of vulnerable, lonely men who spend their entire lives online.

My gripe is his claim of teaching men how to detach from the matrix when he couldn't be more attached.

The guy is all about hedonism and wealth.

Peterson is a pseudo-intellectual that speaks in word salads about shit he has no clue about.
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Angst Filled Fuck Up

Angst Filled Fuck Up

Sep 9, 2018
I think they speak to a lost generation of men, and therein lies the danger. When you lack direction or success, you're easy to manipulate. So when these guys open their mouths, you get a lot of dudes who identify with this stuff on a primal, dare I say angry level. It touches on what they feel they've been lacking, so they're happy to give people like Tate and Peterson their attention.

Of course, the sheer fact that these two have made absolute bank off the backs of others is pretty diabolical and should be enough to cause others to take them with a massive grain of salt. But people still seem to gobble it up, which is amazing to me. It's a bit like how I'm flabbergasted people couldn't see through Trump. How they ate up his bravado and bullshit like it was all genuine.
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Oct 19, 2021
As far as JOrdan Peterson goes, I disagree with a lot of hwat he says but he does havesome good advice that I wish I had followed from a younger age- he is a complicated person who definitely is not all bad.
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Apr 21, 2023
Only the blind could follow or believe Tate. He is just another scammer in this world.


Sep 21, 2020
Never was a fan of Tate but he's a lot better than j peterson: someone I had identified as a fucking shill when he first arrived on the scene supposedly taking great social risks over gender pro-nouns. He has since been proven to be the POS I had said he was years ago.


Feb 25, 2023
Even though I belong to the target group of both, I dont like them. Tate is just cringe and Peterson tells you the usual stuff like "focus on a career" and "dont compare yourself to other". Nothing new.
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May 6, 2023
Tate and Jordan are good in what they do, I am not a fan but I don't hate it because they are smart enough to make a living out of it which not everyone can do

They both don't say anything crazy as media portray them especially Tate videos are cut into shorts by the people who hate him to fit into their narrative, mostly people just see the shorts and assume that he is bad but if you check out the full story it will make sense and he ain't that bad

The problem with the world is if a man try to teach others to be a man, he will be called names, looked down and media try to shut him that's the reality, leftists think Tate is against their ideology so more attack is coming towards him from the left but we have to appreciate the Tate for going through all this (I don't care about both left and right)

Oh man I can't be strong or go on with life like Tate do, surprisingly he is going strong, ready to fight and still relevant lol

I don't think tate is scamming with online courses because his university is true and it has online courses so if people pay they can access it, I don't see scam here because scam is something you don't get what seller promised for the money you paid, he ain't holding young men hands to put in the credit card number to join his university so I don't any see exploitation because these are adults they should think before joining
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May 26, 2023
Honestly, I mostly just feel bad for their fanbase. If you are in such a state where you turn to Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson, of all people, for advice, then you must be so desperate, lonely and lost.

I find Andrew Tate more difficult to take seriously, he almost acts like a cartoon character, but I was not surprised by the human trafficking charges at all considering the things he's been spouting out.