Aug 18, 2020
I read about the Obama Netflix documentation. And I thought well who is still admiring Obama after his mediocre presidency? For me he is one of the most disappointing politicians that I experienced in my lifetime. Hope. Change. Are you kidding me? I think Biden is doing a better job than him. Obama was way too much of a centrist. He was not brave enough and he did not realize that the Republicans didn't want to cooperate. Especially if one considers the super majority he had during his first 4 years it is a joke what he "achieved".

I am living in Germany. I was once a supporter of Angela Merkel. Though I turned my back on her. I kind of enjoy how her legacy falls apart. She did not care about poor people or chronically suicidal people like me. Other people still praise her way too much.

Maybe it was a more interesting question would be which politician did not disappoint you.

I don't think Scholz does a great job. I think in many instances he is an incrementalist and this might hurt the country one day. However I am glad about the welfare reform. It is still a joke and the amount is way too low. I will kill myself because of it. However the reforms are way better than what the conservatives would have done.