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May 20, 2018
I'm sort of in the middle of an anxiety attack right now. I'm constantly in agony from my physical illness and I just want this pain to end. But I don't want to risk surviving either, life being even worse. Please reassure me and tell me I'm being overly attentive to the details.

What's most likely to lead to death and not paralysis? Landing on the head, or the chest? I've watched several videos (very disturbing, please don't do this) and it seems many people land on their chest/back/side, but many people also land on their head. I have no idea what is most likely to be fatal. I thought medical studies would make things more clear, but all I've found is accounts of people surviving falls from ridiculous heights.

If I land on my head, which part? Maybe I'm overthinking this... but I'm so freaking terrified. My life is already terrible, I don't even want to imagine surviving. If landing on the head has the highest rate of mortality, which part of the head? The front of the head, the back, the top? The frontal lobes are responsible for emotions and behavior, the back/top for sight (please correct me if any of this information is wrong) What if I survive (I'm jumping from 10 stories) and end up with paralysis, the effect of frontal lobe lobotomy if I hit the front of my head, and loss of sight if I hit the top/back? I'm really irrational and panicked right now. I'm going to kill myself either way (if not jumping, using another method I have access to.) Please help me calm down.
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May 1, 2018
Head is obviously fatal. Doesn't matter which parts and it's not like you can control it anyway to that precise detail it's not a videogame.