Mar 22, 2020
I feel like this a lot and a myriad of other things which added up to finding out yesterday I am schizophrenic, but it has bad bs stigmas that are indeed bs. get help ...get a diagnosis especially if you are on any mental health meds, if you are not then talk to a dr.
Also these feelings are common these days more than you may realise but this alone does not make you a sociopath imho. x


May 22, 2020
After experiencing a loss I will never recover from, I find myself numb, but in my case, it's how I am surviving. I still feel, but I have not experienced deep positive felings, like love. I have a cat who has become a support animal. He got out and I thought I might have lost him. How did I feel though? Empty. So no, I wouldn't jump to a sociopath diagnosis too quickly. It might be your survival mode. I would agree it might be good to talk about it with a professional. Personally, I do have a psychiatrist, and she knows where I am mentally.
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Nov 4, 2019
No, I don't believe you're a sociopath. I'm also tormented by the kind of painful emptiness you're talking about, and I can say with certainty that I'm not a sociopath. In my case, I think it's simply due to lack of companionship and love.