Apr 30, 2018
Well, according to multiple sources, something not too big, not too small. Most recommend .75 - 1.25 inches in diameter and static. What’s the difference between static (non-stretch) and dynamic (stretch)? The likelihood that your long drop will be successful.

I didn’t want to have to wet, stretch, and then dry the rope as described in the army corps execution manual. I went searching for something that would work without all the fuss. After searching for a while, I found my solution — a 16mm static rope from Sterling. And better yet, I could buy a “leftover” piece rather than the long lengths usually needed.

I purchased a 10-15m rope (mine was about 40’ long when it arrived). It was just what I needed — long enough, but not too long. Thick enough, but not too thick.

If you are interested, here’s the link: