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come to dust

Oct 28, 2019
this is a silly question because there are many different kinds of drugs with completely different effects.


Eternal sleep awaits me
May 22, 2022
A LSD trip in the right mind set around good people is the best feeling in the world imo. Star gazing on LSD is wonderful but if you ever do it make sure you test it first with test kits. You could easily be sold some random research chemical that'll mess up your brain.


Aug 10, 2022
actually, sex on LSD was probably the best ever sex I had, so I cannot make a pick here. The risk is that normal sex is loosing it's appeal - I haven't done drugs for a while and wonder, if things where different, if I just never had done it whilst high


Oct 23, 2020
I don't have much experience on both. Lol.

Though I listen to Juice WRLD. He raps: Ain't no Netflix and chill, it's just Netflix and pills

Like he was addicted to so much medication and drugs. I really think the likelihood to decrease the experience of sexuality is quite high. I am not sure you could also argument that some drugs improve the sexual experience.

But he was addicted to pain killers, benzos and opiods. This could have huge impact on sexuality.
I never really understood why people decide to make this trade-off when they start taking drugs. Even cigarettes can influence your sexuality badly.

Maybe my considerations are wrong. Maybe someone could lecture me on that. People with more experience on these both topics might could elaborate on it.
I hate drugs and I hate sex. That’s just me though. Both don’t do anything for me. I’ve had a gazillion lovers and tried all kinds of drugs in high school and beyond. The only thing that’s fun sometimes, is alcohol. Anhedonia ruined the rest for me.


Feb 4, 2022
Depends on the drug, the person, your mind state.


Night of the final day
Sep 11, 2022
Both. Do MDMA and Acid with another person and fuck and you will never feel closer to another human being in your life.

Because of my grs mutilation a lot of the sex I had was pretty one sided with me doing things to my partner. I got real fucking good at it. Being able to fuck your partner into an incoherent, unspeakable mess while you're both on drugs is a hell of a trip.

Despite all the issues I've had with sex, some of those nights of fucking and doing drugs till the sun came up were some of my happiest nights of my life.


Aug 29, 2022
Never had much experience with drug. I like sex very much but only if there is true intimacy and complicity. I like to explore the body and the mind of my partner when doing sex. I should probably try sex and drug, anything to recommend that is usually easy to find?


Sep 16, 2022
This is a trick question! What drug and who am I sexing with?😁