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Mar 27, 2023
Has anyone on here read or watched Welcome To The N.H.K.?

It is a Japanese novel from the early 2000s that was also adapted into a manga and anime.

The story is about a hikikomori in 2000s era Japan named Tatsurio Sato.

Anime Cover


i don’t know
Aug 7, 2023
Yup I read it! I kinda read the webnovel with the intention that it could be a self-help book and sato would eventually figure things out. But sadly but realistically the girl with the parasol didn’t have it together herself and couldn’t really help sato. The ending is too open-ended. I’m confused why neighbor is suddenly happily married when he hates women. I also doubt sato and that girl would actually love each other and I feel that in the future, both will still want to die
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